When my backs against the ropes.

03 Aug

“I’m that little bit of hope, when my backs against the ropes…”

So the kids love to dance to music and watch videos. This is a request they make to dad every school night. I see it as a way of distressing, bonding, and expression of course. Icy loves to dance, switch cloths, and whip her hair until she is dizzy. Hani, is a ninja and hard core stunt man (makes me nervous every time) that must jump from one chair to the next bracing himself against the wall with his swords.

They dance for hours, and its so awesome to watch them. I secretly try and guess what they will become when they get older. Its something that every parent does…im sure…or I hope. Then it brings memories of what my sister and I use to do in our living room. Perform…it was our thing to do…lol. Were we good at it, no…but we thought we were…and that was key.

So this blog begins with a verse from one of my ultimate favorite songs. Yes, music was my source of escaping and getting through rough patches we all have faced in our life. R.Kelly, Worlds Greatest song was my motivation, my jam, it was going to be me. Now this was before he started urinating on young females, and before I knew that R.Kelly had a quadruple life! DON’T JUDGE ME!

That song and many others that I can’t think of right now…really helped me relate and get through rough times. I hope that my kids never have to face rough times, but lets be realistic…they will. I pray they are mentally strong to deal with what comes at them, and that they find healthy coping skills to get through. Mom and dad will always be there for them, but will they want to turn to us…maybe maybe not. Can they turn to family….maybe maybe not. This is my worry, my fear. My kids mean the world to me…so if music is what they want….dance we will!



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