…when you see me, don’t do this…

03 Aug

Sooo…just a random thought.

When you see me, don’t think you have to talk bball. I understand that we may have met under that setting, however I am a lot more that bball and I enjoy shooting the breeze with random talk. I suck at talking about bball, unless im playing…and I haven’t strapped on my bball shoes to play a good game since leaving Amsterdam.

And if you are one of those persons, that sees me and thinks “oh god, there goes Coach Trish” STOP and RELAX….I want to know how your doing and what new path you have chosen in your life.

I’m human too…lol, I get that life moves on. As a matter of fact, you better have moved on since bball! That would be disturbing if you haven’t.

I’m always interested in what life has thrown at you and what choices you have made for yourself. Truth is, I am the most nonjudgmental person you will come across….I go with the flo…always have always will.

So …when you see me, don’t try and tell me you been working out when haven’t, or your still looking to do some bball when you not. Just go with the flo of the convo and let it be.

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