04 Aug

6 months natural, this is the third time I have made the big chop to my hair. Its familiar territory, cutting my hair, watching it grow, exploring different styles. Hair is hair…it will grow back. I think I enjoy the variety of reactions I get with outrageous hair colors and hairstyles whether it be super long or hella short. People are funny, and no matter what the majority say, they love hair…and lots of it. 

Good thing I married the one guy who has witnessed me in almost every hair style possible. Well we sleep in the same bed, so her really knows what this black women looks like with or without hair. He loves me regardless…as a matter of fact, he helps take my weave out when needed. A football game and promised pizza and wings…and he is the best assistant hair provider I’ve had…IN HOUSE. Kudos to my hubby, for being so awesome. 

Any whoImage, tomorrow is wash day, and I don’t plan on wearing any protective styles for awhile. See for the last two weeks I have worn a wig…nice dark long wig. With all long wigs or weaves, I get annoyed with it, tangling, touching my face, and it being hot. But its a protective style for my rush type life.

This week, will be a bunch of head scarfs, and some twist outs. Lets see the reaction this week.


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  1. mjbtheone

    August 5, 2013 at 11:53 am

    we’d like to do a feature on your natural hair story on if you are interested feel free to shoot us an email at


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