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7 months Natural


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Today is wash day…so I prepped my entire area, my tools (products, combs, clamps, hair net, shower cap, towel, mirror, etc) out and went to work. My hair is 6 months natural, and I have colored it at least 2x. I know…bad, bad.

No worries I have moisturized, deep conditioned, protective styled and asked for forgiveness from the hair gods. I have watched several YouTube vidoes, and the one that inspired me today was
BlakIzBeautyful ….thank you for doing such a great job with your tutorial!

So this is what I did:

  1. Sectioned my hair in 6
  2. clipped each section
  3. Poured warm water, into a spray bottle
  4. Got my hot oil on hand
  5. Sprayed each section with water, then saturated each section with hot oil/water.
  6. Clamped each section
  7. Put on a cap
  8. wrapped my hair with a towel
  9. watched tv, for 30 mins
  10. Headed to wash out hair
  11. shampooed hair
  12. deep conditioned hair
  13. additional 30mins, with cap and towel wrapped around my head.
  14. washed that out
  15. twisted entire hair with Shea Butter, and Eco custard to hold my twists.

Lets just say it was a really long day…my shoulders should look beautiful in the morning. I’m not sure what I will do with my hair tomorrow…but im certain it will involve a scarf and some loose hairs 🙂

Wash Sunday is no joke…seriously was a 4hour process…and I loved every moment. It was soothing and it was therapeutic.

Till next time.

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