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Non Profit, no funds, more casualties

Child Services does not have enough supports from the community and government to protect all the kids in the world, more or less their community. 


I was going thru the channels…yes again. And came across a women…Nancy Grace asking why “child service returned the child after removing from mom for 10mths”. Well…lets see…per the state, it cost a lot of money to remove a child from the home, the first goal of the family and worker is reunification. If a parent works her case plan and follows the shit poor rules of the state, she can get her kids back. What a parent mind set during that time one knows. But these “parents” are the same parents capable of harming their child/children, same parents that can clean up well, same parents that “plays the role” for the state, and collect food stamps, medicare, and etc …that may or may not turn around and kill their child.

Nancy, do you really think that everyone is capable of reading peoples minds. Do you really think that case worker isn’t killing her self knowing that child is dead. Its not the workers, its the state, its the lack of funds to get foster homes, its the lack of support from the community to foster a home for a child, its the massive intrusive paper work it takes to foster a child, its the lack of power the workers has because despite what he worker observes, per policy you must return the child if the parent does what they’re suppose to do. Per policy, even though there has been massive police reports, school reports, witnesses that have heard, seen, or reported this family social workers have limited power to remove a child. And if they’re able to remove a child, they have no where to place the child because no one comes forward to house these precious babies. 

Your blaming the wrong people. Yes we are outraged that this child died at the hands of her mother they way she did, but we are outraged and fed up with the way the “system” works. 

The worker followed state rules, and I am certained the social worker and a million other non-profit worker witness this, report this and see no resolution until a body is found. There is not enough social workers, or man power to help these poor babies. And the state agency do not honor their workers pushing them to work 50 HRS PLUS A WEEK. There is no overtime, you have to flex…mean while you have a few court reports due, and children your worried about. No one wants to help, but everyone wants to blame and point fingers.


C’MON!! WTH…insensitive. 


Oh by the way, your making mucho money off your show…good for you. 




Non Profit, no funds, more casualties

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I got a question.
 I was chit chatting with another parent while my daughter played with one of her many friends in the neighborhood. The mom over heard my child telling her friend that she goes to “school B”, mom cautiously and kindly asks me if I looked at the “grade” for the school, and I’m like …”yes”.

She kindly informs me that several of the kids in the area went to that school at some point and some were a grade behind when transferred to a public school (School B, Charter school).

In my mind, not all parents do what they need to do when their child comes home with homework, and some do not feel the need to do extra which can easily affect how your child does in school. The of course there is the issue with the child’s environment that can easily affect focus.

We here in the P. family household put in work with our kids and spend mucho time doing the basics and then some to prep our kids. NO fault to those that are not..for whatever reason, but I feel that is one of the many reason a school grade can be impacted. Of course there are other issues like adminstration, transitional teachers that come with the active miltary family memebers and etc.

So I want to ask, you is the school grade/score that important to you. I mean School B is .5 below School A (the school mom was referring to). Grades fluctuate based on economy and other major factors. Whats your thoughts??

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